At present an up-to-date frame of enterprises at the national level is
available only in respect of the units/factories covered under the Annual survey
of Industries (ASI). The ASI presently covers the relatively bigger units belonging
to manufacturing and repair sub-sectors that are registered under sections 2m(i)
and 2m(ii) of the Factories Act 1948 or under the Bidi & Cigar Workers (Condition
of Employment) Act. For the other sectors, no such updated and satisfactory frame
of bigger units/enterprises exists at present. For planning any survey of such units,
like the Survey of Non-Manufacturing Industries (SNMI), it would be desirable to
develop a frame of establishments along with certain basic items of information
for all sub-sectors such as trade, hotels and restaurants, transport, storage, communication,
real estate, legal & business services etc. popularly known as Business Register.